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The term "antique" as used in the flooring industry refers to large timbers retrieved from buildWood Flooringings constructed many years ago, most in the 1800's. We recover or retrieve these timbers, then our sawyers precision mill them into flooring and other mill products. The end result is flooring that a craftsman is happy to install, and owners can enjoy and be proud of for a lifetime

The primary wood that we retrieve in this manner is the near extinct Longleaf Heart Pine - "Pinus palustris" This beautiful wood with the strength of oak once flourished in the southern part of the USA.. It was used widely in the construction of ships, buildings of commerce and railroad bridge construction.The keel of the U.S.S. Constitution is made from a single longleaf pine timber. It is virtually insect proof and will not rot. At maturityLone Pine, the tree consisted mainly of heartwood (growth rings were very dense or close together with very little sapwood).It was a very slow growing tree which took from 400-500 years to mature. Due to all of it's desirable qualities it was, unfortunately, timbered out by the early 1900's.The conditions that allowed it to flourish no longer exist. Be sure to visit our Longleaf history page

High grade flooring

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The following paragraphs contain descriptions of our flooring grades:


Rift Grade 

Rift is our highest grade flooring. It is 90-100% vertical grain.  It may be either quartersawn or rift sawn, with minimal small tight pin knots and very few nail holes. 



Select Prime Grade 

As our most popular and versatile grade of flooring, it is well suited to use in nearly any part of the home. Select #1 is 90-100% heartwood with approximately 25% flat grain (plainsawn) and less than 20% knot content for character.(most knots allowed are the size of a quarter and smaller, with a few larger knots allowed). It will likely contain scattered or infrequent nail holes, which can be easily filled.



Cabin Grade 

The character of cabin grade is highlighted by frequent knots and nail holes with a variable mixed grain that adds to its delightful appeal.



Distressed Grade 

Notice the rich and deep color and the rustic beauty of the Distressed Grade flooring.  It is typified by raised grain, saw marks, and some hairline cracks, all of which add to its 19th century look and appeal

Upon request, our flooring comes accompanied with a certificate listing the history associated with the wood processed for your order.

Antique white oak

White Oak



In addition to Heart Pine, we also have available ANTIQUE FLOORING in River-Recovered Heart Pine, Ocote Pine, OAK, Fir, and Cypress (AS WELL AS OTHER SPECIES UPON REQUEST AND AVAILABILITY)

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