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Kiln dried:

All of our lumber and mill products are kiln dried to provide stability in the wood for years to come. We carefully monitor moisture content until we obtain an acceptable level (This varies with species of wood, but in general should not exceed 10% in hardwoods and 15% in Pine and Fir). Only then are our boards milled into flooring in order to provide the best possible product for our customer.

Samples: We are pleased to provide samples of our flooring.
We choose a random sample of each grade and try to provide also a sampling of some widths. Please note that it is impossible to get a sample that reflects all variations in character due to the great variety in wood itself. If you would like a sample pack, please send a check for $25.00 to cover postage and handling. Normally samples are sent UPS Ground. We will also provide custom sample packs.

Installation: All our flooring should be installed according to accepted standard industry practice and/or our recommendations. It is important with any wood flooring that it not be laid tight to the perimeter walls as the wood needs to be able to "breathe" with seasonal changes. That is why base shoe is needed to cover approximately a 3/4" buffer zone. All flooring should be allowed to acclimate for a minimum of 72 hours prior to installation.

DEPOSITS: All our Antique flooring is custom cut to your needs. No order is confirmed until we receive a 50% deposit! We will notify you when your order is ready for shipment. The balance is due prior to shipping. Charges for freight (payable to carrier) are due and payable upon delivery.

DELIVERY: By common carrier unless you have made other arrangements. We endeavor to obtain the best rates possible and pass any discounts on to you, our customer.In the event your order is shipped C.O.D. for any balance; be aware that Truck lines charge a fee for C.O.D. When your order arrives you will need one check for the freight line and another made out to Heartwoods, LLC (certified checks) for the balance of the sale. Our shipments are F.O.B. St. Louis, MO or one of our milling locations. Claims: Please note that damage due to freight company handling is not the responsibility of our Company. A Claim should be filed immediately with the particular freight company and visible damage and/or shortages noted on the bill of lading @ time of receipt of goods. We will be glad to assist you in any way possible with your claim.

RETURNS: In the event of some problem or difficulty with your flooring order upon receipt; You must notify our office immediately! If the difficulty cannot be amicably resolved, we may allow the return of the flooring to us- freight prepaid. We will then give you either a refund or replacement of the flooring @ our discretion. Return is void after 30 days. Under no circumstances will return be allowed or refund granted once the flooring has been either installed or altered from it's original condition when received.

Please note: Pricing in this price Guide does not include delivery or freight charges!

All Sales are handled through our office in Robertsville, MO.


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